Natalia Andrulionis

Natalia Andrulionis

Natalia Andrulionis

Сurriculum vitae:

Currently he holds the position of Researcher and acts as assistant manager for organizational issues.

• M.Sc. (Russian equivalent) in agronomis – 2008, Russian State Agrarian Correspondence University (RGAZU) with a degree in agronomist;
• Ph.D. (Russian equivalent - “Candidate of Sciences”) in Oceanology – 2022, Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Science Moscow, Russia;

Professional experience:

After graduation, she worked in a commercial electrical company.

From 2012 to 2021 - Leading engineer.
From 2021 to 2023 - Junior researcher.
From 2023 to present - Researcher.

Scientific interests:

Natalia Yu. explores the dependence of the physical properties of sea water on the ion-salt composition in seas and water areas with an ion-salt composition different from the ocean.

  Science articles

Major Ion Composition of Waters in the Kerch Strait and the Adjacent Areas

Морской гидрофизический журнал, 2024. N. Yu. Andrulionis , I. B. Zavialov, S. A. Rozhdestvenskiy


Comparative Study of the Major Ion Composition in Eurasian Salt Lakes: Lake Urmia, Lake Issyk-Kul, Aral Sea, and Dead Sea

Монографии, 2023. Natalia Yu. Andrulionis, Evgeniy V. Yakushev, Mahnaz Jafari, Petr O. Zavialov, Hamid A. K. Lahijani, and Peygham Ghaffar


Effect of Variations in the Ion-Salt Water Composition on the Accuracy of Salinity Measurements

Морской гидрофизический журнал, 2022. N. Yu. Andrulionis, P. O. Zavialov, A. S. Izhitskiy


Modern Evolution of the Salt Composition of the Residual Basins of the Aral Sea

Oceanology, 2022. N. Yu. Andrulionisa, P. O. Zavialov, and A. S Izhitskiy


Current Evolution of the Salt Composition of Waters in the Western Basin of the South Aral Sea

Marine Chemistry, 2021. N. Yu. Andrulionis, P. O. Zavialov, and A. S. Izhitskiy


How Climate Change and Human Interaction Alter Chemical Regime in Salt Lakes, Case Study: Lake Urmia, Aral Sea, the Dead Sea, and Lake Issyk-Kul

Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2021. Yakushev Evgeniy V,, Andrulionis Natalia Yu., Jafari Mahnaz, Lahijani Hamid A. K., Ghaffari Peygham


Site-specific equations of state for coastal sea areas and inland water bodies

Conference Paper, 2016. Natalia Andrulionis, Ivan Zavialov, Elena Kovaleva, Peter Zavialov, Alexander Osadchiev, Alevtina Alukaeva, Alexander Izhitskiy,

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