Roman Sedakov

Roman Sedakov
Research fellow

Roman Sedakov


2008 MSc in Mathematics, Moscow State University, Russia
2012 PhD in Applied Mathematics, University of Limerick, Ireland

 Research Interests:

- coastal water currents
- analytical and numerical solution of dynamical current equations

  Science articles

Large chocked lagoon as a barrier for river–sea flux of dissolved pollutants: Case study of the Azov Sea and the Black Sea

Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2023. Roman Sedakov, Alexander Osadchiev, Bernard Barnier, Jean-Marc Molines, Pedro Colombo


Internal waves as a source of concentric rings within small river plumes

Remote Sensing, 2021. Alexander Osadchiev , Roman Sedakov, Alexandra Gordey and Alexandra Barymova


Hydrophysical Structure and Current Dynamics of the Kodor River Plume

Oceanology, 2021. A. A. Osadchiev,, A. A. Barymova, R. O. Sedakov, A. V. Rybin, A. G. Tanurkov, A. A. Krylov, V. V. Kremenetskiy, S. A. Mosharov, d, A. A. Polukhin, A. S. Ulyantsev, M. A. Osadchiev, and R. S. Dbar


Water exchange between the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea through the Kerch Strait

Ocean Science, 2020. Ivan Zavialov, Alexander Osadchiev, Roman Sedakov, Bernard Barnier, Jean-Marc Molines, and Vladimir Belokopytov


Spreading dynamics of small river plumes off the northeastern coast of the Black Sea observed by Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2

Remote Sensing of Environment, 2019. Osadchiev A.A., Sedakov R.O.

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