Alexander Osadchiev

Alexander Osadchiev
Senior scientist

Alexander Osadchiev


2009 M.Sc. in Mathematics, Moscow State University, Russia
2014 Ph.D. in Mathematics and Physics, Shirshov Oceanology Institute, Russia

Research interests:

Alexander research is focused on land-ocean interactions with special emphasis on river plumes and associated transport of terrigenous material, nutrients, and pollutants. My principal goal is to improve our understanding of the underlying dynamics of these processes and their influence on coastal ecosystems. My research is based on statistical analysis of in situ and satellite data as well as numerical modeling using Lagrangian and Eulerian ocean models

On June 15, 2021, A.A. Osadchiev for the degree of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. The topic of the dissertation is "Structure, dynamics and variability of river plumes". The dissertation is a generalization of many years of research on river plumes carried out by A.A. Osadchiev in various regions of the World Ocean: in the Black Sea, in the seas of the Russian Arctic, in the seas of East Asia. The significance of studies of river plumes carried out by A.A. Osadchiev, is determined by their significant contribution to understanding the interaction of the ocean with land waters, which affects many physical, biological and geochemical processes in the coastal and shelf zones of the sea. River plumes, being a transitional water mass between river runoff and sea waters, provide the transformation and redistribution of global flows of matter between land and the World Ocean. A.A. Osadchiev was the first to create a specialized theory of the formation, propagation and mixing of small river plumes, which account for about 25% of the volume of fresh water and 40% of the volume of terrigenous suspension entering the World Ocean from land. In addition, A.A. Osadchiev carried out comprehensive studies of large-scale transport and transformation of freshwater runoff in the Russian sector of the Arctic, which plays a key role in the variability of the ice cover and regional albedo, which affects climate processes on a global scale.

Based on the materials of the doctoral dissertation of A.A. Osadchiev in December 2021, the Scientific World publishing house published the monograph River Plumes. This monograph became, in fact, the first book in Russian, in which the processes of propagation and transformation of river runoff into the sea and its influence on hydrophysical processes in the coastal and shelf zones are described consistently and in detail.

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Dynamics of river plumes in coastal ocean

Peter Zavialov, Victor Zhurbas and Alexander Osadchiev

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