Stage 10 of the integrated coastal-marine scientific expedition "Black Sea - 2021"

Published: 19/12/2021 Times Read: 1556

The aim of this stage of the expedition (27.09 – 03.10) was to study the spatial distribution of anthropogenic pollutants in dissolved and suspended form in the upper quasi-homogeneous layer (UML) of the Black Sea, in the area of Gelendzhik.

The main tasks were:

- identification of background values ​​of concentrations and composition of organic matter (OM) of natural and anthropogenic origin, different from plastic debris suspended in the surface layer or floating on the sea surface;
- study of the spatial distribution of OM in Gelendzhik Bay for anthropogenic pollution, assessment of its composition and probable sources;
- mapping of the spatial distribution of OM, phytoplankton chlorophyll and mineral suspension with high spatial and temporal resolution;
- carrying out quantitative assessments of the content of plastic waste in the surface layer of the sea and on the coast, studying its micro-growth;
- carrying out field experiments with samples of garbage thrown out by the sea selected on the coast for further verification of the method of its non-contact remote detection with a fluorescent lidar;

The expedition was attended by employees of our laboratory: V.V. Pelevin (head of the expedition), B.V. Konovalov, A.B. Grabowski

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