Study of the influence of river plumes on hydrophysical processes in the coastal zone of the Black Sea

Published: 17/12/2021 Times Read: 602

In April 2021, a scientific expedition to the Black Sea took place in the coastal waters of Abkhazia.

As part of the expedition, the thermohaline structure and circulation in the mouth of the plume of the Bzyb River were studied. Hydrophysical work included: vertical measurements with a CTD probe at hydrological stations; continuous measurements of a flow-through system equipped with a CTD probe in the surface layer in the direction of the vessel's movement; measurements at moored stations equipped with ADCP current meters and CTD-sensors; launching drifters equipped with CTD sensors. High-frequency field measurements of wind speed and direction (with 1 minute discreteness) were carried out with a Gill GMX200 Doppler sensor, which was installed at an altitude of 8 m on the seashore, 1 km north of the mouth of the Bzyb River.

The expedition was organized by the staff of our laboratory: Osadchiev A.A., Sedakov R.O., Gordey A.S.

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