Alexander Izhitskiy

Alexander Izhitskiy
Senior scientist

Alexander Izhitskiy


  • 2011 - specialist degree in Oceanology, Department of Oceanology, Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
  • 2015 - Ph.D. in Oceanology, Shirshov Institute of Oceanology Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Research Interests:

- physical coastal oceanography, regional oceanography
- distribution of continental runoff in shelf waters
- Aral Sea hydrological dynamics

  Science articles

Dissolved methane in the residual basins of the Aral Sea

Environmental Research Letters, 2019. E.S. Izhitskaya, A.V. Egorov, P.O. Zavialov, E.V. Yakushev, A.S. Izhitskiy


New profiling and mooring records help to assess variability of Lake Issyk-Kul and reveal unknown features of its thermohaline structure

Peter O. Zavialov, Alexander S. Izhitskiy, Georgiy B. Kirillin, Valentina M. Khan, Boris V. Konovalov, Peter N. Makkaveev, Vadim V. Pelevin, Nikolay A. Rimskiy-Korsakov, Salmor A. Alymkulov, and Kubanychbek M. Zhumaliev


High resolution LiDAR measurements reveal fine internal structure and variability of sediment-carrying coastal plume

P.O. Zavialov, V.V. Pelevin, N.A. Belyaev, A.S. Izhitskiy, B.V. Konovalov, V.V. Krementskiy, I.V. Goncharenko, A.A. Osadchiev, D.M. Soloviev, C.A.E. Garcia, E.S. Pereira, L. Sartorato, O.O. Moller Jr.


Structure of the buoyant plume formed by Ob and Yenisei river discharge in the southern part of the Kara Sea during summer and autumn

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 2017. A. A. Osadchiev, A. S. Izhitskiy, P. O. Zavialov, V. V. Kremenetskiy, A. A. Polukhin, V. V. Pelevin, and Z. M. Toktamysova


Hydrophysical State of the Gulf of Feodosia in May 2015

Oceanology, 2017. Izhitskiy A.S., Zavialov P.O.


Present state of the Aral Sea: diverging physical and biological characteristics of the residual basins

Scientific Reports, 2016. A. S. Izhitskiy, P. O. Zavialov, P. V. Sapozhnikov, G. B. Kirillin, H. P. Grossart, O. Y. Kalinina, A. K. Zalota, I. V. Goncharenko & A. K. Kurbaniyazov


The Structure of Thermohaline and BioOptical Fields in the Surface Layer of the Kara Sea in September 2011

Oceanology, 2015. P. O. Zavialov, A. S. Izhitskiy, A. A. Osadchiev, V. V. Pelevin, and A. B. Grabovskiy


On thermohaline structure and circulation of the Western Large Aral Sea from 2009 to 2011: Observations and modeling

Journal of Marine Systems, 2014. A.S. Izhitskiy, P.O. Zavialov, E. Roget, H.-P. Huang, A.K. Kurbaniyazov


Hydrophysical and Hydrochemical Characteristics of the Sea Areas Adjacent to the Estuaries of Small Rivers of the Russian Coast of the Black Sea

Oceanology, 2014. P. O. Zavialov, P. N. Makkaveev, B. V. Konovalov, A. A. Osadchiev, P. V. Khlebopashev, V. V. Pelevin A. B. Grabovskiy, A. S. Izhitskiy, I. V. Goncharenko, D. M. Soloviev, and A. A. Polukhin

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