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Alexander Osadchiev

Alexander Osadchiev
Senior scientist

Alexander Osadchiev


2009 M.Sc. in Mathematics, Moscow State University, Russia
2014 Ph.D. in Mathematics and Physics, Shirshov Oceanology Institute, Russia

Research interests:

Alexander research is focused on land-ocean interactions with special emphasis on river plumes and associated transport of terrigenous material, nutrients, and pollutants. My principal goal is to improve our understanding of the underlying dynamics of these processes and their influence on coastal ecosystems. My research is based on statistical analysis of in situ and satellite data as well as numerical modeling using Lagrangian and Eulerian ocean models

  Science articles

Estimating the Deposition of RiverBorne Suspended Matter from the Joint Analysis of Suspension Concentration and Salinity

Oceanology, 2015. P. O. Zavialov, E. S. Barbanova, V. V. Pelevin, A. A. Osadchiev


The Structure of Thermohaline and BioOptical Fields in the Surface Layer of the Kara Sea in September 2011

Oceanology, 2015. P. O. Zavialov, A. S. Izhitskiy, A. A. Osadchiev, V. V. Pelevin, and A. B. Grabovskiy


Effects of bottom topography on dynamics of river discharges in tidal regions: case study of twin plumes in Taiwan Strait

Ocean Science, 2014. K. A. Korotenko, A. A. Osadchiev, P. O. Zavialov, R.-C. Kao, and C.-F. Ding


Hydrophysical and Hydrochemical Characteristics of the Sea Areas Adjacent to the Estuaries of Small Rivers of the Russian Coast of the Black Sea

Oceanology, 2014. P. O. Zavialov, P. N. Makkaveev, B. V. Konovalov, A. A. Osadchiev, P. V. Khlebopashev, V. V. Pelevin A. B. Grabovskiy, A. S. Izhitskiy, I. V. Goncharenko, D. M. Soloviev, and A. A. Polukhin


Synoptic Variability of Currents in the Coastal Waters of Sochi

Oceanology, 2014. O. A. Korotkina, P. O. Zavialov, A. A. Osadchiev


Dynamics of river plumes in coastal ocean

Peter Zavialov, Victor Zhurbas and Alexander Osadchiev

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